WAVE High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor Series

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WAVE High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor Series

DALGAKIRAN proudly introduces new generation Wave of high pressure reciprocating compressors taking advancing the DKK series, which were developed in order to be used in all applications requiring high pressure, especially in the maritime sector, where Dalgakıran has shown a keen interest and served from the day of its establishment until today.

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WAVE High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor Series



Long Life, High Performance

Cast iron castors and cylinders, low-speed pistons, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel valves, cooling finned cylinders and headers ensure long life of the WAVE series high pressure piston air compressors.

In WAVE series compressors, low compression ratios can be obtained with W-type compressor design, resulting in low outlet air temperatures and minimum energy consumption for cooling. 

Easy to Use

The WAVE series has been produced with high pressure piston air compressor models to work successfully in different application areas. At every level, high performance and quality parts used in the manufacture and assembly of products designed to be easily adaptable to the user and low maintenance costs are provided with long maintenance intervals.

The WAVE series provides flexible working conditions for the user with the working pressure adjustable in the range of 12 - 45 bar at constant load and the electronic control module providing effective system control.

After Sales Support Service

DALGAKIRAN operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has more than 100 authorized dealers in Turkey. 

Compressor Bloke

- Cast iron casters with high strength; An oil level indicator, a blowdown valve and oil fill / drain tapes positioned so easily visible on the sump.
- Cooling fin cast iron cylinders and special aluminum alloy top heads help the system operate at lower temperatures.
- Ductile cast iron crankshafts and counterweights designed for dynamic stability, precision manufacturing processes and designed for Lloyd type-approval certification ensure long service life.
- Specially designed high-speed concentric valves made from stainless steel in grade 1 provide high air flow capacity, while concentric valves specially designed for high pressure conditions in stage 2 and 3 ensure maximum headroom temperatures at maximum level by keeping airflow at maximum level.
- Compression and oil rings help to keep the airflow at maximum level and prevent oil passage.

Main Motor and Drive System

- WAVE series compressors use high efficiency IE2 efficiency class IP55 motors as standard.
- The drive of the crankshaft is directly coupled with the 1: 1 transfer between the compressor block and the main motor.

Cooling System

- Unlike the WAVE series competitors, the radiator, which provides four-stage cooling (three-stage air, one-stage oil), allows the compressor block to operate at optimum temperatures
- The radiator performance is increased by pre-cooling with the cooling finned concentric valves located in the first stage of the W64 and W108 models and in both the first and second stages of the W166 and W210 models.
- The radiator fan is driven directly to the main motor, avoiding the use of additional fan motors.

Lubricatıon System

- Unlike conventional reciprocating compressors, piston lubrication is accomplished not by the beater but by the main motor-powered oil pump.
- The oil drawn from the bottom of the throttle reaches the cylinder through the oil ducts on the crankshaft and the connecting rod after passing through the radiator and the oil filter. In this way, efficient lubrication of the crankshaft and connecting rod bearings is ensured.

Water Discharge System

Condensation in the radiator cooling stages and the conical separator that meets the outlet air is transferred to the water discharge collector via the water vapor discharge system.

Canopy Design

- The canopy made of composite material offers aesthetics in lightness and appearance.
- Cooling performance is improved by adjusting the air drawn by the guide plate and the radiator to pass through the cooling fins on the cylinders and top heads.
- All moving and hot parts are covered and the troubles that may occur during operation are prevented.


- Soft starter
- Oil heater
- IE3 efficiency class main engine
- Remote compressor control
- Optional diesel engine
- Other input voltage options except 380V / 3phase / 50Hz