Laser Combined Air Dryer

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Laser Combined Air Dryer

LASER COMBINED AIR DRYER is a combined product designed for LASER cutting machines, comprised of a water separator, inlet and outlet filters, active carbon tower, refrigerated air dryer and a desiccant air dryer.

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Laser Combined Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Humidity in air can cause many problems in pressurized air systems such as rusting in the installation or loss in diameter. These problems which cause a loss in labor, time and funds can be eliminated by cooling pressurized air with a refrigerated dryer (+3°C Pressure dew point) and drainage of water in its liquid state.

Active Carbon Tower

It absorbs oil vapor and hydrocarbon odor chemicals by means of a carbon-based absorbent material. Although this material lowers hydrocarbon content to very low levels, it will not filter anymore and let all contaminants pass after it is saturated. When pressurized air inlet has a temperature of 20˚C, it will lower the hydrocarbon content down to 0,003 mg/m³. (Pressurized Air Quality: ISO 8573 Class 1 for oil)

Desiccant – Adsorption Air Dryer:Tw

Two towers are filled with adsorbent (surface retentive) material. It is designed to filter water molecules by physical sieving. Water molecules adhering to the adsorbent material can easily be released thanks to molecular forces. While one of the towers dry the air, the second tower will be regenerated or dried with counter current. This is a physical reaction and can be repeated countless times. In industries where +3°C pressure dew point is not enough, these systems are used to bring dew point down to -70°C.


Inlet: 0,5 micron particle retention; 0,5 mg/m³ oil retention
Outlet: 0,01 micron particle retention; 0,01 mg/m³ oil retention
Filters with manual drains

Water Separator

Water drainage with zero air loss.

Maximum operating pressure 16 bar (g)
Pressure Dew Point -70 °C
Atmospheric Dew Point -83 °C
Water content in pressurized air 0,003 gr/m³ /7 bar (g)
Oil content in pressurized air 0,003 gr/m³
Particle diameter in pressurized air 0,01 mikron
Pressurized air quality ISO 8573-1: 0-1-1