Compac Air Dryer

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Compac Air Dryer

There is always some moisture in the air which is taken in by compressors. This moisture content varies based on geography and ambient temperature. When the outlet air from a compressor is cooled down with a dryer, moisture or water in gas form will condense and liquefy.

Moisture in the air will cause rust in installments, losses in diameter and other sequential problems. These problems which result in losses in time and money can be prevented by cooling compressed air with a refrigerant type air dryer (+3 °C pressure dew point) and the drainage of liquid water.

Clean and dry compressed air will make your plant work efficiently will lower your costs.

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Compac Air Dryer


Our new model heat exchanger has easy assembly and disassembly feature. Aluminum fins allow efficient heat transfer and it has a design devoid of freezing problems at low temperatures.

Compac-1 Series Compressed Air Dryers are designed for mold-injection industry, dry food pressing, hyperbaric oxygen treatment and similar fields in which outlet temperature must be the same with dew point value. It enables outlet temperature between +3 °C and the desired temperature.

Compac-2 Series Compressed Air Dryers are specifically designed for high inlet air temperatures. It enables stable dew point values with low pressure drops. Compac 2 Series Compressed Air Dryers work at max. 50°C ambient temperature and 100°C inlet air temperature with its special efficient heat exchanger design.

Compac-3 Series Compressed Air Dryers are manufactured for industries which require higher pressures, such as: PET inflation plants, starting diesel engines, high-voltage circuit breaks, test equipment, military facilities, marine-port applications, shipyards and fire departments. They work with high efficiency up till pressures of 45 bar.